deca durabolin

The course of treatment lasts 4 days. Adults appoint 20% deca durabolin, and children up to 5 years – 10% (Preparation diluted boiled water in the ratio 1: 1). On the first day of treatment is carried out in the evening before going to bed after a thorough wash in the shower with warm water and soap. The deca durabolin is rubbed into the skin, then the torso and feet, including the soles and toes. Only clean linen and clothing should be used after treatment of the skin. On the 2nd and 3rd days of making a break in treatment, and the deca durabolin residue is washed from the skin. On the 4th day in the evening the patient to clean with soap and spends massaging deca durabolin as the first day of using the remaining deca durabolin, and once again change all linen. Hands after the treatment should not be washed for 3 hours; treated in a subsequent deca durabolin hands after each wash. In the case of rinsing of the deca durabolin with the other parts of the skin they must also reprocess.The deca durabolin was completely washed from the skin on the fifth day.
Treatment of complications of scabies (dermatitis, eczema, pyoderma, postskabioznaya limfoplaziya) should be carried out simultaneously with the treatment of scabies and continue after its completion.

Side effects
: Allergic reactions. Local reactions: possible (especially in children), burning sensation, irritation of the skin. If signs of skin irritation discontinue use of the drug.

is not revealed.

Interaction with other medicinal products
is not revealed.

Specific guidance
Treatment of patients identified in an outbreak, as well as contact persons should be carried out simultaneously in order to avoid re-infection.
Saving itching after treatment is not an indication for additional course of specific therapy. Itching is a reaction to the mite killed and the products of its life and disappears in the appointment of antihistamines and ointments with corticosteroids.
All items that come into contact with infected skin should be carefully treated. Linens and towels are boiled in a solution of detergent for 5-10 minutes.
The upper clothes iron on both sides with a hot iron. Things that can not be heat-treated, posted to the open air for 3 days. Shoes, toys, or other objects are placed in a plastic bag and exclude the use of 5 days. Mattresses, pillows, blankets are also excluded from use by 5 days or subjected to disinfection chamber. Upholstered furniture can be treated with drugs for delousing. The apartment is necessary to carry out cleaning, washing floors with detergents or adding bleach.
Avoid getting product in eyes, nose, mouth.
If the product enters:
– in the mouth and nose, rinse with plenty of water or 2% solution of warm baking soda;
– in eyes thoroughly with water.

Product form
deca durabolin for external use 20% in bottles and bottles of 50 g, 100 g and 200 g Each vial bottle with instruction on the medical application are placed in a pile of cardboard. oxandrolone ciclo